Monday, 14 May 2012

A little bit Bazaar!

Previously during my stay in Bristol, I went to a restaurant called "Za Za Bazaar" and I absolutely loved my experience there. It was a buffet, but to a whole new level with many different stations and cuisine!
So back in Australia, when I heard there was another buffet restaurant called "Bazaar", of course I had to visit! I decided to take my mother there for Mother's Day dinner. It was lovely, Za Za Bazaar and Bazaar were both great buffets, with very different concepts.

On the Mother's day, when I went to Bazaar with my Mother, I wore a French rabbit fur vest that used to be my mother's. This vest means a lot to me and I absolutely love it.

Amazing sweets!

 What I wore on the night:
White Blouse - Zara
French Rabbit Fur Vest - Vintage
Leggings - Witchery 
Chain & Leather Bracelet - SSFW
Black Leather Boot Heels - ZU

Hope you all have a great and bazaar night (:
xx Sophia


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