Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A girl's treasure

Every girl has their fashion treasure, whether it's a favourite dress, shoe, jewellery or bag. One of my treasures would have to be my cross body monogram Louis Vuitton bag! I love a lot of my bags, however, this is very special to me as it is from France and a limited edition. Limited editions always makes an item seem so much more special! It is cute, casual and very useful.

Photo by Australian Couture: Limited Edition Luis Vuitton 

Beautiful details of Vanessa Tong top

 What I wore:
Leather Jacket - From Korea
Top- Vanessa Tong (Vintage)
Bag- Luis Vuitton (Limited Edition)
Pants- Dotti (Australian Brand)
Shoes- Novo (Australian Brand)

 I would love it for you to let me know what is your treasure!
Sophia xx


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