Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Denim Quilt

Finally! After long nights, deprived sleep and a hard load of study, it's over! I am at last on holidays.
Couldn't post much during my exam periods as I could hardly find any spare time, although I so desperately wanted to share many great things to my lovely readers and followers.However, now that I have much more free time, I am happy to say I will have the opportunity to post more often with some exciting posts to come.

I now also have Bloglovin which is exciting, and a new Facebook account for Australian Couture. So, please feel free to add/follow me! I would love to chat and get to know my amazing fellow bloggers and readers!

With one semester out of the way, I thought it would be great to buy a little casual bag for the coming semesters. Sometimes in university, certain tutorials or lectures do not require me to bring my heavy textbook but rather an iPad or such to to take notes. I wanted a small bag that would fit a notebook, few pens, my mobile, some make up and an iPad. I know that my Louis Vuitton and Mui Mui bags could do just the thing, however I wanted something a little more casual for everyday use.

After a fun day of shopping with my best friend, I came across this adorable denim quilted bag from PeepToe . It has little pockets for my mobile and a zip section for my make up and pens and best of all it fits my iPad perfectly!

I am absolutely in love with it! What do you think of it? What bag do you use for casual occasions?
Sophia xx

Sunday, 17 June 2012


For those who live in Brisbane,  you may have noticed the new renovations at Wintergarden (on Queen st Mall), if not, it is definitely worth visiting!
Anyways, I have been visiting Wintergarden ever since the renovation and loving it! There are great shops opening up there. One of which, I had never heard of until recently. This store is called "SHEIKE", which is an Australian owned fashion label. They have stores throughout Sydney and Brisbane, as well as having an online store!

Here are some of their items, let me know what you think! Sophia xx


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